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It's Easy To "GO" When You Don't Belong

Go by Kazuki Kaneshiro tackles growing up in a society that degrades you but is the only home you know. It is set in the not-so-distant past in Japan. A Japan with a sizeable Korean minority who cannot fully participate in a society closed to foreigners. Even the ones who know no other home.

Sugihara is an outsider not only in his country; he's a high schooler trying to find his place in a world that might not include Japan. But also, he is a stranger among all the people he is surrounded by, both Korean and Japanese. And then he falls in love with a Japanese girl.

He finds out love isn't enough to overcome the pressure of conformity and the constant reminders of who he is. At least in the eyes of the country he lives in.

Sugihara is constantly fighting. Fighting students, expectations, parents, fighting for love. But the stakes change when tragedy hits one of his close friends. And he reevaluates what exactly he was fighting for.

My takeaways:

Being different is always a challenge, whether by choice or not.

African American culture and struggle influenced oppressed people around the world.

Adversity builds who we are.

Around the globe, love is a mutha…..

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